About Us

Hello my friend, and welcome to my website. My name is Willie Bailey and I set about building and designing websites approximately ten years ago. In reality I am actually a security specialist by trade, hence the switch to designing websites was relatively significant, nevertheless I slipped into it quite successfully and now it simply is "what I do". Truth be told I find it an exilerating challenge, coming up with concepts and putting them into practice, in some instances looking to earn a bit of cash from it other times just doing it for fun. This specific website is a tad of both of those.

So, while you will notice several adverts on my site, it is not jammed down your throat, you do not see any pop-up windows, you won't be requested to join or login and you won't get any crappy newsletters or emails. This site is not dynamic and so stuff doesn't keep moving around or take a lot of time to load.

It has continually been my goal to build basic, straightforward websites that are hassle free and load quickly. With any luck I have achieved this here and that you've got what you wanted checking it out, or maybe at the very least not have been irked by it.

I am not actually a handyman myself therefore I would prefer that you don't contact me with enquiries regarding odd jobs or asking for job quotes for handyman related work, this website was designed to tell you about some of the variety of ways to search for a reliable handyman by yourself.

I don't endorse or recommend any specific service, I have merely indicated a few methods of picking one, the decision is ultimately down to you.

I would love to to see you here once again some day soon and thanks again for your visit - Willie Bailey - Handymanick UK